Joe Anzalone


Below is a partial list of websites that I have created, worked on, and/or currently maintain.

To learn about my contributions to the open source community, feel free to follow me on GitHub or browse my WordPress plugins available on the official plugin directory.

Client Work’s website runs on WordPress, using a custom-made theme I developed based off of their old static HTML site’s design. Custom development was also done in the form of multiple custom plugins.

For example, the Featured Projects page uses WordPress’ custom post type API.


Island Christian Church

Island Christian Church’s website runs on WordPress, using a custom-made theme I developed based off of their old site’s original design. Custom development was also done in the form of multiple custom plugins.

Four of these plugins, Message Flow, Multidomain Redirect, On The Fly YouTube Embeds, and MailChimp Campaign Archive have since been made freely available via the official plugin directory.


David Lin: Superstar

I was responsible for the design and development of this site’s WordPress theme, as well as designing the logo for David Lin.

Visit David Lin’s Website

Park Square Electric Corp.

Park Square’s website was created using WordPress and the Toolbox starter theme.

Although inspired by Park Square’s existing business cards and logo, the site’s theme was custom-designed and developed by myself using HTML5 and CSS2 (and CSS3, to an extent).

Visit Park Square Electric Corp.

Projects I maintain for my own amusement

Single User Dash for Tumblr – View any Tumblr blog in a dashboard-like interface

SUD was created because some Tumblr blogs have really crappy themes that make it hard to read.

It provides a consistent interface that will let you read the blog as if it were on your own dashboard.

Visit Single User Dash

Flappy Bagel - A bagel-based Flappy Bird clone

Flappy Bagel is yet another terrible Flappy Bird clone created for’s Flappy Jam. The main difference is that you control a bagel and dodge breadsticks in this one.

It’s written in HTML5 using the Phaser game engine and even works offline courtesy of HTML5’s Application Cache. Flappy Bagel is sure to provide hours of frustration and headaches, even on the subway!

Play Flappy Bagel | View source on GitHub

Shmitly – An open-source URL shortening service built with Ruby on Rails

Shmitly is an open-source URL shortening service built with Ruby on Rails. I built it so I could put my domain to good use.

View source on GitHub | Example: – An open-source, distributed photo sharing platform is not just a photo sharing site, but an open-source platform that anyone can use to start their own photo sharing site. Members can even follow users on other sites hosted on separate servers! I built using CodeIgniter, as well as Twitter Bootstrap, jQuery, and plenty of HTML5. is still under active development, but feel free to follow along on GitHub.

View source on GitHub – Find out what WordPress themes your favorite websites use

Written in PHP, Name That Theme helps users identify what theme a given WordPress site uses.

Visit | View source on GitHub

Shmit Chat – Minimalistic Web Chat

Shmit Chat is a tiny little chat program written in JavaScript that uses Node.js, express, and Socket.IO to allow users to send messages to each other very quickly. This is done without polling by using HTML5’s WebSockets.

View source on GitHub

Shmit Pics – My latest Flickr photos in a custom interface

Shmit Pics is a minimalist interface to my flickr photostream. I made it because I love using Flickr as the backend for my photo collection thanks to all their nifty photo organization features, but I wanted a more photo-centric design to show off my camera phone pictures.

More details about how this was made can be found on this blog post.

Visit Shmit Pics | View source on GitHub – Create GIFs of stuff that shake! is a an HTML5 experiment using the new <canvas> element.

Simply supply GIFidget with an image, choose a gradient, and watch in amazement as your image is animated atop the background in the form of a GIF you can save to your computer or upload to Imgur for sharing with your friends, loved ones, and enemies.

All the logic is client-side which means your web browser is doing the actual image processing, and putting no extra stress on the server!

Please note that because this site uses HTML5′s experimental <canvas> element, it will not work in legacy browsers such as Internet Explorer 8 or earlier.

Visit – Just another WHOIS search site

The name says it all. It’s a very simple interface to Linux’s whois command that works quickly thanks to queries being sent to the server via AJAX.

This little web app was designed and developed entirely by me, using nothing more than HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, and PHP.

Visit – Answered in six words or less

In addition to having a comedically long domain name, HCIIORN simply lets you know the current temperature in your area. I wrote it using PHP and the Weather Underground API during a particularly cold winter, although it works just as well during the summer.

Visit – Radio for people who are good with computers! is a radio station specializing in the “nerd music” niche. You’ll hear music with lyrics about robots, science, sci-fi, computers, the internet, space, Star Wars, comic books, video games, and tight pants.

Although the audio stream is currently offline, the website is still up and running in the form of a WordPress site using a theme I designed and developed myself using the Underscores starter theme.

Back in’s heyday, the station’s lineup was both organized and hosted by yours truly, using SHOUTcast Radio. I’d love to bring it back online when time permits.


DJ Joey Coolstyles – Personal homepage to the (not yet) legendary DJ!

This was one of my older websites that I did, and doesn’t use WordPress or any CMS or frameworks apart from the very simple templating system I implemented in PHP. The whole thing was designed and developed by me to promote my part-time DJ business.

Visit DJ Joey Coolstyles

Captin Shmit’s Official Website – The official website of Captin Shmit (and friends!)

My first website. The most impressive thing about this site is that it’s still online.

This site is only included as an example of how far I’ve come as a web developer. If you dare to view the source code, don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Visit Captin Shmit’s Official Website